Agave Royale

.5 oz Lime Juice

.5 oz Aperol

.5 oz St. Germain

1 oz Tequila

French Laundry

1.50 oz Gin
0.75 oz Elderflower Liqueur
0.50 oz Lime juice
0.25 oz Maraschino Liqueur
3 dashes Grapefruit bitters

Moscow Monk

4.5cl Vodka.

1.5cl Lime.

1.5cl Lemon.

1cl Simple Syrup.

1.5cl Ginger Syrup.

1.5cl Green Chartreuse.

2 sprigs of Rosemary.

Shake the first five ingredients with ice, then place the last two into a Tumbler and light them on fire. Extinguish the flames by straining the contents of your shaker over them, then top the drink with Soda.


Try subbing thyme for rosemary